About Us

Where did ShaveGod come from? Us!

Hey everyone! This is Takeo and Josh, we're both from sunny Southern California. How did we get into the grooming business? It's pretty simple, our occupation (firefighters) requires us to shave daily. Personally I never enjoyed shaving, until Josh introduced me to the safety razor (which started my whole fascination with grooming). We've talked for some time about shaving, beards, mustaches and all grooming related things. We wanted to create a product line that was all natural, simple and convienent.

Our ultimate goal was to turn daily grooming into an experience, rather then a dreaded daily chore. So we came up with smaller bottles (so you can put a set at home, in your travel bag, and anywhere you go often). We limited our ingredients so you don't get a bunch of chemicals inside your oils and ingredients you can't pronouce. We made sure to use only the best quality metals, woods and oils, the same stuff we would want on our face. Long story short, we accomplished exactly that! We stand behind our products 1,000%. We know you'll love them! Thanks for your support and enjoy the ShaveGod experience.